There is a better way to get insurance for your small business.

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After working in the large commercial brokerage space for decades we saw the way “small businesses” were given a different service level than other larger companies. These smaller companies are not only handled differently, but often shuffled from place to place as large brokerages try to find ways to manage accounts with the very least amount of actual interaction on a regular basis. Sometimes these companies were actually discouraged from even getting a quote in the first place.

Heard any of this before?

I’m sorry, our minimum premium is $10,000.

We’re moving your account to a carrier service center.

Unfortunately, those services aren’t available to our small accounts.

…. all wrong.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We believe that small business isn’t only underserved, it’s a vital part of our local community and we can do better as in industry to help support small business owners like you.

Our goal is to delivery the same service platform typically reserved for larger companies to the small business and personal insurance space.